Azienda Agricola Roverella
Our olive oil

A gustatory experience

Olive oil brings back to mind places and sensations, becoming a window on our past and a door to the future.

The unique taste of our extra virgin olive oil and its main features are tight to the characteristics of our hills between Val D’Orcia and the heart of the Maremma, in Tuscany, between the Tirreno Sea and Mount Amiata.
Our Tuscan IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) with medium density fruity notes, spicy and bitter at the same time, is smooth and elegant on the palate with a good texture and medium density. Hints of raw artichoke, fresh grass and leaves ensure peculiarity to a particularly balanced olive oil. The spicy and bitter notes ensure a high concentration of polyphenols, natural antioxidants and quality indicators.
Frantoio, leccino, pendolino and moraiolo are the different varieties that constitute our blend. The dose and percentages change every year to obtain the perfect mix. It is more than just seasoning: it is a real gustatory experience.